Creative team from Melbourne, Australia

University of Melbourne: Research You Can Eat


To talk to people about our world-changing research, we used a language they understood.

Our job for the University of Melbourne was simple—find a way to get people interested in their research.

Almost all of the research is genuinely fascinating, but it’s never presented in an interesting or approachable way. We love making activations, and we both love food, so we decided to present research in a way that everyone can enjoy, with a series of edible experiences that we called Research You Can Eat.

Now or Later Cocktail

Researchers are investigating the effects of impulsiveness on obesity, and how to create better food packaging to influence the more impulsive among us.

To shed light on this fascinating research, we created a cocktail that changed into a completely different drink the longer you waited to drink it.

1000 Happy Birthdays

Researchers at the University estimate that a combination of several of their projects will save up to 1000 unborn babies every year.

To show off exactly how big a number this is, we created 1000 birthday cakes to hand out.

Refreshing Polluted River

An exciting project at the University has created a shipping container-sized device that can be dropped into a community and instantly start making polluted water drinkable.

At several different activations, we had a series of drinking taps from a variety of unpleasant sources.