Creative team from Melbourne, Australia

University of Melbourne: The Empty Bowl


Packaging designed to tell a story as you ate the product.

Two billion people suffer from iron malnutrition globally.

To combat this, Researchers at the University of Melbourne have developed a new strain of rice with four times as much iron in every grain, but to get the rice approved for distribution and consumption, we needed to get it on people’s radar.

So we gave away almost 6,000 bowls of rice pudding at free pop-up cafés all over Melbourne. With a story that revealed itself as you ate, we were able to use the product to tell our research story in a way that couldn’t be missed.

Bowl Copy:

This bowl is empty.
Although rice is a good source of energy, it’s lacking in essential nutrients.
As the staple meal for half the world, this leads to widespread malnutrition.
Our researchers are developing rice with four times the iron in every grain.
This bowl may now be empty, but will soon contain more than ever before.