Creative team from Melbourne, Australia

Pantone Color of the Year 2020

When Pantone announced their 2019 Colour of the Year—lush, vibrant, Living Coral—we saw an opportunity to make a powerful observation on the state of the environment.

This wasn’t a traditional ad, just something we put out into the world. It was such a topical event that we couldn’t sit around and wait to pitch it to Pantone, we had to make it happen on our own.


Our strategy wasn’t to contact Pantone directly, but to light a fire under them by contacting the people who they would listen to—creators, designers, and brands. Here’s what we sent to almost everyone on the internet.


Our work received support from the International Coral Reef Initiative, as well as appearing in publications in the US, Spain, Italy, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Australia, England and France.


Kendrick Lamar’s creative director said the idea was “fire”, and someone in Italy made a fan video about Bleached Coral that has 11 thousand views at the time of writing.